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Dirty Games

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Victor Simonelli opens up the vaults once more to unlock Groove Committee's "Dirty Games", the follow up to the seminal "I Want You To Know".

Taking the blueprint from his timeless house classic, Simonelli reworked the bassline for this '92 follow up whilst holding onto that sublimely simple yet powerful chord progression, one that never fails to put a smile on the face. Add in a helping of swung hats and crunched up shakers and this is a classic by anyone's standards. The vocals - a charged up, evocative warning to a mistreating lover - fit the NYC garage house rhythm so perfectly and deliver a raw emotion to the track.

Next up the "Dubb Mix" kicks off with the accapella vocals laid bare in all their glory, before that piano progression lays the path for the full force of "Dirty Games" to make its impact. There's more space between the vocals in this dub mix, allowing Simonelli's production prowess room to breathe. A surefire spine tingler from start to finish.

On the B side, Simonelli offers up his 1993 re-edit, extending, elongating and beefing up certain elements to captivate audiences all over again. Closing out the e.p. is Groove Committee's '93 track "I Wana Hold You" produced in collaboration with Glenn 'Sweety G' Toby' - it follows that same garage house shuffling rhythm, with soul-laden organs and Paula Brion's killer vocals.

Another much welcomed reissue of some of Victor Simonelli's most sought after tracks, remastered by the man himself for a new generation of listeners.


Matt says: Everyday's a school day here at Picc HQ. This track lifts the piano line from Soft House Co.'s exquisite 1990 hit "What You Need", conjuring up instead, a fiery garage house slammer. House music history lesson over for today folks!


A1. Dirty Games (Club Mix)
A2. Dirty Games (Dubb Mix)
B1. Dirty Games (1993 Re-Edit)
B2. I Wanna Hold You (Original Emotive 12 Inch Club Mix)

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