Segadeath / Jompo Boys

When Cities Collide IV

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The first fully autonomous artificial intelligence with the ability to learn and improve itself is created by the Sega corporation. Two years later they invent the first time machine, and call it the Timecast. Sega decides to send the A.I. named Segadeath back in time to 1881 to destroy Nintendo before its creation. Helsinki's Mesak and Marseille's Bill Vortex are the Jompo Boys and their Jompo dance to the Jompo Anthem is the new craze all over Europe. It's a uniting front we form while Jompo spreads and spreads and takes over every fiber on the planet.


Patrick says: In other words, Segadeath hit us with a razor sharp and rambunctious acid snapper (think DMX Krew), moody and menacing electro weapon (big Lawnmower man vibes), while the Jompo boys offer fractal 4/4 grooves on a post minimal tip and a ring mod body popper for 8bit Bboys.


A1. Segadeath - Terraform
A2. Segadeath - Locutus
B1. Jompo Boys - Jomp Anthem
B2. Jompo Boys - Epawire

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