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Tax Free

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Boom! There's summat in the water this week (probably magic mushrooms at this time of year! - ed) as we get not one but TWO totally shamanic and esoteric new releases on our shelves.

Alongside Andy Rantzen's LP for Ken Oath ("Blue Hour Vol. II"), Grrrr jump straight down the rabbit hole for Tax Free here, conjuring up a mini album / collection of creeping percussion rituals and spiritual rainforest excursions.

The perfect (imaginary) soundtrack to Terrence McKenna's 'True Hallucinations' - it's hard not to be transported into a rich and varied flora of philosopher's stones and exotic species, whilst direct contact with the spirit realm is almost guaranteed.

Truly out-there and magical stuff for sound shamans and aural entheogenic practicers throughout the cosmos. Recommended! 


A1. 06 OD 2
A2. 02 OD 2
A3. 04 OD
A4. DHB +1
B1. Laser
B2. Sess_Ex_OD
B3. 01 OD
B4. _05
B5. U

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