Salary Boy

SCDD 008

Image of Salary Boy - SCDD 008
Record Label
Steel City Dance Discs

About this item

Skippy, catchy AF garage-house hybrids here from Salary Boy - Mall Grab's protege who gets chance to show off to his boss with this able four tracker on the his mentor's label.

Obviously destined to be massive across the Steel City, "Back" is the perfect combo sample-beat-hook. All that's left to add is a bit of tasty filter action and you've got yourself a stone cold deep house thriller!

The fun doesn't stop there though as "Echo" sees a well constructed blissed-out lo-fi house glider complete with elastic bass, psychedelic vocal  and synth chops and the odd warbled string line. Excellent! 

"The Illusion" completes the package with shoulder rolling hi-hats, nice piano chords and more well placed vocal samples - again swinging those beats and veering into garage territory. 



Matt says: It's not all shamanic house nonsense and esoteric weirdness here at Picc HQ these days you know. We still like to get down to a dock off bassline and slamming kick drum you know. Salary Boy more than brings the business here.


Side 1
1. Back (5:05)
2. Echo (7:44)
Side 2
1. The Illusion (7:06)

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