Ciggy De La Noche

Strictly Come Dancing

Image of Ciggy De La Noche - Strictly Come Dancing
Record Label
Distant Hawaii

About this item

New record from Distant Hawaii, the taste making label that's previously brought you top tracks from Hidden Spheres, Ross From Friends and David Garrett.

Ciggy De La Noche is the moniker of some guy making tunes in our city... there's not much more info on him, but that dunt matter yet. What does matter is that these four tracks show off a producer firmly and comfortably in their stride. There's nothing forced at all as he effortless constructs four completely hypnotic and intricate deep house grooves that land somewhere between MCDE's finely crafted house jams and vintage Boo Williams / Glen Underground (!!). There's a certain pedigree at work here folks, and I'm predicting will be hearing much more from this talented producer in the near future.

Big T I P on this one - don't sleep!


Side 1
1. Strange Insects (6:38)
2. Moroccan Mint Infusion (7:03)
Side 2
1. Any Day Now (6:42)
2. Inertia (6:45)

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