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Archived Tapes 1993 - 2017

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Exotic Robotics

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Drop draw tackle here from Welsh electronics maverick DJ Guy. A producer who's been active since the very early nineties, previously releases from his vast archive have graced labels such as La Beauté Du Négatif and All Caps. A strongly individual character who's acid-tinged productions touch on techno, electro, Cornish-style freakouts and noisy ambience; you can usually spot a DJ Guy joint from its advanced programming, highly detailed textures and vintage hardware presence.

For newcomers to this guy's sound, this expansive double pack from Exotic Robotis is more than a good place to start - it's a perfect snapshot of his multi-faceted sound - from the blissed out UK techno of "July 1St 2014 Broke (2017 edit)" (excuse the track titles - alot are simple time stamped entries) thru the winding soundsystem swagger "Oct 2nd 2014 Seq" which owes as much to Sheffield as it does to London and Detroit. There's some excellent displays of more downbeat, chillout flavas - the opening trio of track offering relaxed breakbeats and velvety textures over endorphic strings and bubbling keys.

Frankly, everyone needs a bit of DJ Guy in their collection; and this is a superb collection of tracks that really show off one of Wales' best, yet strikingly underground producer. Totally recommended. 


Matt says: Just look at all dem tracks!! Bargin bin price really for this huuuge double pack from one of my top rated producers. Big ups Guy and Exotic Robotics for compiling this one. TIP!


Side 1
1. Jan 1996 X3R R100 Side B - TRK 4 (3:23)
2. Thats CDiif Mixes 97 Side A - TRK 5 (3:31)
3. Thats CDiif Quad Side B - TRK 3 (1995) (5:22)
Side 2
1. Song For My Father (2000) (6:43)
2. Seq Oct 12th 2015 V8 (5:28)
3. Oct 1993 Metal XR Tape Side A Track 7 (4:20)
Side 3
1. White CBS Special Tape (1993) (5:48)
2. July 1St 2014 Broke (2017 Edit) (5:37)
Side 4
1. Oct 2nd 2014 Seq (6:28)
2. Thats CDiif 1997 Side B - TRK 2 (6:42)
3. 30th May 94 TRK 2 Ambient (4:50)

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