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Jam For The Other Side

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Gabe & Jude

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Gabe & Jude return with record no. 2 on their own labour of love. "Jam From The Other Side" & "Different Frequency".

Side A swings its hips and shoulders, as a deep house stab keeps the flailing snare patterns and shuffled hats under some degree of control. Add a few choice vocal snips and you're in late night house heaven!

Side B doesn't feel the need to do anything different, simple couriering and jugular hitting injection of nocturnal house musica to our receptive minds and bodies, Again, G&J's sample selection and poise set them apart from house producer's who fill up the mix with uninspiring presets and over-exuberant SFX.

Maturity and simplicity is the key to the Babe & Jude formulary, perfectly executed across these two hot trax. Don't sleep!


A1. Jam For The Other Side
B1. Different Frequency

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