D. Tiffany

Feel U

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Record Label
Planet Euphorique

About this item

Burgeoning label Planet Euphorique follows up sell-out hits from Roza Terenzi and Big Zen with a four tracker from label head D. Tiffany.

“Feel U” shows spacial finesse and rhythmic maturity, a modular drum section and excellent vintage analogue effects giving a retro-futurist incline to this propelled electro-techno hybrid.

"AK" sees more up-to-date electro blueprints cut from a fresh cloth. Glowing pads and tuned perc hits highlighting the musical complexity on this number which is miles ahead of the current electro also-rans.

"Sip & Savour" is a shadowy backroom / warehouse number which relies more on rhythmic interplay and solid groove then any melodic embellishments or superfluous vocals. A trusty number for any long session.

Mega stuff - each one so far's been a winner. You need!


A1. Feel U
A2. AK
B1. Sip & Savour
B2. Northern Lights

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