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R.E.M. grew up with the BBC, and this historic relationship is lovingly celebrated across an incredible collection that beautifully illustrates the career trajectory of one of modern music’s greatest bands. The collection comprises a treasure trove of rare and unreleased live and studio recordings culled from the BBC and band archives. This is a must-have collection for R.E.M. fans and an authoritative introduction for newcomers.


Disc 1 - Sessions
A1. World Leader Pretend 4:36
A2. Radio Song 4:05
A3. Losing My Religion 4:42
Recorded For Nicky Campbell Session Into The Night On BBC Radio 1
First Broadcast On 13 March 1991

A4. Lotus 4:13
A5. At My Most Beautiful 3:16
Recorded For John Peel Session On BBC Radio 1
First Broadcast 25 October 1998

B1. Bad Day 4:03
B2. Orange Crush 3:55
Recorded For Mark And Lard On BBC Radio 1
First Broadcast On 15 October 2003

B3. Man On The Moon 4:59
B4. Imitation Of Life 3:41
Recorded For Drivetime On BBC Radio 2
First Broadcast 15 October 2003

B5. Supernatural Superserious 3:23
Recorded For Radio 1 Live Lounge On BBC Radio 1
First Broadcast 26 March 2008

Disc 2 - Broadcasts
C1. Driver 8 3:25
C2. Radio Free Europe 3:49
First Broadcast On 21 November 1984 From Rock City, Nottingham

C3. What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? 3:54
C4. Drive 3:51
C5. Half A World Away 4:04
C6. Pop Song 89 3:27
First Broadcast On 30 July 1995 From Milton Keynes

D1. Everybody Hurts 6:47
D2. Its The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) 6:58
First Broadcast On 25 June 1999 From Pyramid Stage Glastonbury Festival

D3. Losing My Religion 4:47
D4. Man On The Moon 5:34
First Broadcast On 15 September 2004 From St. James’s Church, London

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