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Novel Sound

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NEW LEVON! annnnd it's a doozy! Our favourite New Jersian seems to be slap bang in the midst of another career purple patch as the 23rd Novel Sound displays a grasp of modern techno few can comete with. Wigged-out n wobbly, "The Sound Of People Moving" introduces itself under a canopy of elastic rhythms and fizzing hats; while occasionally a typically Vincentian melodiy will creep into focus. The perfect balance of discord, harmony and nightclub physics, it'll lock the floor into a powerful electronic hypnosis.

"Fricatives" punctuating kick and spiralling hi-hat patterns repeat against a slow tectonic groan and tecnoid vox loop; a disorientating and noxious late night affair that, like the first track, will impress, confuse and oblitorate any modern dancing space

Levon closes of 2018 still imperetive as ever. Do not miss this one folks!


Matt says: Bad-ass trax for the techno firm here, Levon's lost none of the pizzazz and inventiveness as NS-23 is added to one of the label's many highlights. Essential!


A. The Sound Of People Moving
B. Fricatives

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