Torn Hawk

Time Is A Scam

Image of Torn Hawk - Time Is A Scam
Record Label
Long Island Electrical Systems

About this item

LIES' experimental noize merchant and high concept artist, Torn Hawk, is back with another slurry of mechanized freakouts, electro-static discharge and industrialized chaos. A producer who manages to impart his own sense of impending collapse onto whatever style or genre he's working in there's also a fragile sense of personality he oft manages to convey through dark electronic ballads and avant-garde soundscapes.

Across eleven tracks for LIES we see further into the mind and soul of this exploratory and fearless producer. At times painfully bleak, at others aurally arresting, it takes no prisoners and compromises on nothing. A truly personalized rendition of environment, mood and feeling from a unique and out there artist of the 21st century. 


1. Come To Be
2. I Took What You Did To Me And Made A Sword Out Of It
3. Jade City
4. Books Smell Good
5. Lenny Dykstra
6. The Dreams Hurt
7. I Hate Weed
8. Weaponized Loss
9. Breaking Down The Gates
10. Crows Everywhere
11. Find Me In The Rain 

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