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Deep Concentration

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Get on this! New shizzle from the exquisite Rubadub camp, if you're into the kind vacuumous techno purveyed by the Sunklo firm a la Boddika & Joy O, then Kowton + Parris have just gone and updated the blueprint!

"Deep Concentration" comes with a personalized mix from the two producers, with Kowton guiding proceedings on side A through a bubbling, highly taut interchange between the detritus of UKG and deep set mechanical phlegm collected from the underbellies and gullets of a thousand analogue synthesizers. Splurging and gurgling under a backdrop of tense drums and strung out synths, the track seems to collapse and re-assemble itself through its extended duration.

Parris takes the reins for the flip, losing none of the tension or impending fear; but ratcheting up the rhythmic intensity somewhat into a post-techno throb.

Great stuff here by two modern masters - recommended!


Matt says: Trust Rubadub to bring the ruckas time after time as they enlist modern techno superstars Kowton and Parris for their latest label feature.


A. Kowton + Parris - Deep Concentration (Kowton Mix)
AA Kowton + Parris - Deep Concentration (Parris Mix)

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