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Buro Hahn Edits 2

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Public Possession

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Buro Hahn - a mystical place where saccarine synth pop meets arch art funk, nu romantic pop meets drifter downbeat and Bell Towers holds court from sun-down to sun-up. Now the adventuruous Aussie hosts a second soiree in his sonic wonderland, once again teaming up with Munich mandem Public Possession for added excitement. 'Vol. 2' bursts into life with the digital emotion of "Call Me (Please)", a wavey euro pop stomper with big hair and bigger chords. FGTH style bass sits under chestswelling pads, macho guitar licks bristle in the middle distance and the girl next door details her recent heartbreak. If Il Bosco doesn't drop this at the next Red Laser gathering, I'll eat Barry's hat. We move into more Balearic territories on the A2, as "No, I'm Not An Easy Girl" tops a funky foundation of clav, bass and tumbling drumbox with a killer chorus and sunkissed synth riffs, powering into the future past dripping with pound bin charm. We're in Home Improvement mode on the B1 where the stripped back "Sexy Sexy Sexy Sex" introduces some Tool Time. Next up "You Got Me Running" reprises the new wave / synth pop / proto house feeling of the A1, combining sax, sequenced bass and dramatic drums into something special. Finally, the spaghetti western downbeat of "The Cat" ushers us out with swooning strings, melancholic guitars and a morphine drip, brining proceedings to a close in truly diverse fashion.


Patrick says: Globe trotting Aussie kicks back in his favourite haunt, Munich's Public Possession for a second Volume of Buro Hahn Edits. This time round we get emotive euro pop, vogueing e-funk, a breathy DJ tool and a downbeat drifter, each one more seductive than the last.

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