The Lost Songs 1982-1984

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You may know of “Rude Movements”, an early dance music classic produced by SunPalace (Mike Collins and Keith O’Connell) back in 1983 that brought together proto-house, Balearic beats and funky vibes. In 1984, the tune quickly became an anthem that could regularly be heard at David Mancuso’s 'The Loft' or at Larry Levan’s 'Paradise Garage' for example.

Thanks to Mike Collins, the studio veteran still in the business after more than 35 years and currently busy perpetuating the legacy of SunPalace, more material from the archives has been ‘surfacing’ over the past few years on UK-based record labels. After a very productive meeting earlier this year, Parisian label Chuwanaga present four unreleased songs produced between 1982 and 1984!

Co-written by Mike Collins from SunPalace and Breeze McKrieth, a founder member of Britfunk bands Light Of The World and Beggar & Co, these "Lost Songs" are the almost forgotten result of this seminal collaboration, an exclusive musical rendez-vous between experienced studio music makers and funksters at the top of their game, including some of the finest Britfunk musicians. Bringing together eighties influences and futuristic sounds, the result covers a wide range of genres, from jazz-funk to new wave: it captured a unique moment in British musical history, a smooth transition to a more electronic sound. Definitely not one to be missed!


Matt says: SunPalace are demigods amongst me and my crew - but we thought we'd exhausted all the good shit! Not so it seems as Mike presents four more crucial tracks from the UK Britfunk underground.


A1. Dancing The Night Away
A2. Love, Love, Love
B1. If You Wanna Be A Beggar
B2. Somebody's Watching

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