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Fidelity / Valhalla

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Me Me Me

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Me Me Me hits its second birthday and Geoff keeps it personal and drops (only) his second self-produced track to date on the esteemed label.

“Valhalla” attempts to be as majestic as the name suggests, a rich canvas of Kraut-informed arpeggios, throbbing bass and vivid soundscapes which takes the label on a much more cerebral and heady route that's quite a departure from its usual dancefloor-centric moods. Man Power's got a real handle on his synthesizers on this number, turning out quite accomplished reincarnations of the Steve Moore / Vangelis / Ash Ra Temple blueprints.

Club heads do not panic! Geoff's been kind enough to include "Fidelity" for the up-all-nite cru to get fully absorbed into. It still demonstrates an inventive and highly skilled side to the producer, through more myriad arp n synth lines but, thanks to a techno-informed rhythm section holds its own on any house or techno leaning dancefloor. A dazzling, concentric piece that should see tension and drama reach an epic climax out on't floor.


A. Valhalla
AA. Fidelity

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