Pepe Bradock

ATA 019

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Everyone's favourite French house producer takes a distinctly dark, techy and experimental route on the latest Atavisme joint - Pepe's own outlet for his productions.

The four tracks on offer here show a man delving deep into the murk and swamp of his synthesizers, conjuring up a thoroughly alien and intoxicated collection of tracks that skirt around the 4/4 rhythms of the dancefloor whilst depositing a whole host of lysergic phlegm, refracted frequencies and cybernetic flux onto the master stems.

It's a side to Pepe we're seeing more of of late, as the producer's ditches the accessible for the head-turning - and we love it! Favourite track here is the marching tekno squelch of "Ave Psychic" which in our ears gives Chicago's supremo sound mangler, Jamal Moss, an adequate run for his money.

Top marks Bradock! 


Side A:
A1: Panique Manucure (07:12)
A2: Furious Yogi (03:31)

Side B:
B1:Romantic Dna (06:30)
B2:Ave Psychic (04:50)

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