The Working Elite

Bumper Cars

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Beats In Space

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The Working Elite follow up some well received tracks with this winner for Sweeny's lauded Beats In Space imprint. While "Rockman" conveys an understatedly cinematic mood with repeated imitation string cycles over crisp electro foundations, "Born Again" presents a new wave / rave endurance test, summoning perspiration from dedicated day-dancers with its metronomic hammer of a beat overlaid with motivating synth-lines like marching toys. On the flip, Saap and Lauer (Tuff City Kids) provide inventive interpretations of these tunes, reshaping "Rockman" into a stomping, flashing-lights electro jam while "Born Again" gets a delightfully multi-dimensional digi-dub treatment complete with acid-reggae breakdown over a 4/4 house beat. Top stuff!


1. Rockman (6:39)
2. Born Again (6:36)

1. Rockman (Lauer & Saap Remix) (6:24)
2. Born Again (Lauer & Saap Remix) (6:31)

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