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Recklinghausen EP

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It's the return of Damiano Von Erckert - yippee!

The label head's had a busy year, with an extensive touring schedule alongside the day-to-day running of Ava - who if you didn't know re-released Move D's seminal "Kunstoff" LP early this year.

Its back to the present on this outing here though, with four brand new tracks from the German-born, France-residing artist.

"Marl" deposits a solid haul of synthesized elements onto a sturdy house beat, turning up the echo and reverb settings as a cascade of niceness spills outta the speaker stacks. It's straight away undeniably DVE - rich, powerful and sonically intriguing. "Recklinghausen" is named after the producer's place of birth and is somewhat darker and more introspective than the previous piece - perhaps hinting at some deep residual melancholy or perhaps not!

Flip the disc and "Dortmund" should disperse any doubts about this being a geographically themed EP. It's a club-focused track with clever spoken word vocal and squishy, spongy kick drum that'll sound mint through a half decent rig - this is my jam baby!

One more left on the starting blocks and "Essen" ignites a full frequency frenetic banger resplendent in twangy leads, gritty reversed vox and sublime drum sequencing. DVE's ability to create techy refrains and idents out of negligible vocal snips and artifacts perfectly demonstrated as the 'bbrrrr-yeh' vocal part cuts right through the stems on this beast.

We heart DVE! - Totally recommended. 


A1 Marl
A2 Recklinghausen
B1 Dortmund
B2 Essen

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