Image of XTC - Skylarking
Record Label
Ape House

About this item

A classic XTC album
Now available on a single vinyl LP with all tracks for the first time ever
Pressed on superior 200gram vinyl
Song lyrics sheet included

Single LP reissue with all 15 songs. The first 1980s versions didn’t include “Dear God” & after it was a hit, “Mermaid Smiled” was dropped on some later versions to include “Dear God”. The full album has only been on vinyl in 2LP deluxe editions playing at 45RPM.

With the polarity corrected, the album complete with original artwork & “Dear God” was issued on vinyl as a double LP deluxe edition playing at 45rpm in the original rejected sleeve, then later reissued with the more familiar sleeve….

Leaving some fans to wonder why they couldn’t have the 15 song LP on single vinyl playing at 33 & one third RPM.
Well, now they can - beautifully mastered for single LP from the corrected polarity masters by Jason at Loud Mastering & pressed on superior 200gram vinyl.

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