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While he's not out on the road, ripping up basements and warehouse spaces with his rugged blend of new beat, industrial and EBM, Vladimir Ivkovic can be found in Dusseldorf, soaking up the cosmic vibrations of his locale and battling Detlef, Wolf Muller and Lena Willikens in a digging death match. He's not just after the lost Belgian bangers from the back room of a pawn shop mind, and this latest LP on his excellent Offen label comes from Roman techno veteran Marco Passarani. 
Over an unstoppable 25 year career, the prolific Passarani has eleased fine twelves on Gerd Jansons Running Back label, crafted covers of Alexander O’Neal and The Jungle Brothers for Peacefrog, re-invigorated boogie and talo as Tiger & Woods and could possibly be the only producer to have been remixed by both Ricardo Villalobos and Autechre. Though famed as a man of many monikers, the Roman has returned to his legal title of late, landing at Numbers in 2017 for the thrilling electro-disco of "Wonky, Wonky, Wonky". 
"W.O.W." sees Marco continue in the same cosmic vein, overlaying undulating waveforms with spiraling arps, glittering melodies and snapping drum machines. Whether intergalactic and atmospheric like opener "Coldrain", optimistic ("Cydonia Rocks") or club-centric like the acid laced e-funk assault "Dummy Dream", Passarani's music is precise, measured and concise.


Patrick says: Roman techno hero Marco Passarani takes a break from recent club business as Tiger & Woods to deliver a flawless synth-driven LP for Vladimir Ivkovic's Offen. Switching between electronica, synthpop, house and electro, Passarani shifts the emphasis and intensity throughout, while retaining a signature clarity of tone and technique. This is sonic feng shui from a true machine master.


1. Coldrain
2. Cydonia Rocks
3. Drumy Dream
4. Get Down
5. Innowave
6. Minerals
7. Talk To Me
8. Strings Fair 

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