DJ Spun & Dhyan Moller

Acid Experience

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Still Music

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Back in 1995 while living on the West Coast and at the peak of 'Rave mania', DJ Spun and Dhyan Moller recorded a bunch of live tracks, without any sequencer, all direct to cassettes.

The project came alive after Spun, aka Jason Drummond, reached out to Jerome at Still Music after rediscovering a bunch of tracks previously unreleased and all on cassette. Proceeding a successful and meticulous transferring session, Jerome's now preseted the creme of the crop across a lavish triple vinyl release.

The sounds on offer are moody, dark, tracky pieces of acid house voodoo. The kinda shit you'd catch big Ron jamming on two copies with for hours on end, there's a decidedly 'shermy' feel to most of the tracks coated in a thick, noxious, nightclub patina.


Matt says: Usually, when you get a load of archive tapes or DATS the fidelity and quality of the recordings is pretty low - not so here! With a truly high calibre of content and most, if not all, sounding as crisp, phat and detailed as required, this is a bewilderingly good set to behold! Big ups to all involved - acid heads u need dis!


A1. DJ Spun Acid Experience
A2. UR Wild & Crazy
B1. Not On Acid With Courtney
B2. Grace
C1. ACID707
D1. Hazard!
D2. One
E1. The Other Space Ship
E2. I Can't Get No Satisfaction
F1. Loan Me Your Spaceship Man
F2. JDM A Newer One

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