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Cubed / Rotation - Inc. Edmonson & Vin Sol Remixes

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Me Me Me

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For Me Me Me 14, I’m proud to announce the return of Shit Robot to the label for his first full length EP, following up from his previous contribution to our We We We Charity compilation, and last year’s remix for Forriner.

Joining him is fellow label mainstay Edmondson (of Lissoms fame), as well as Vin Sol (Nonplus / Clone) making his label debut, after me wanting to snare him forever due to my status as a Vin Sol super fan!

Shit Robot provides us with 2 RAW house cuts.
On the A side we have the deep and bumping “Cubed”.
For the B he gives us “Rotation” which is equal parts Analogue-Jack to Rave-Synth.

Edmondson turns in a typically unique remix, yet again hinting at his background in non 4/4 sounds, and showcasing his unbelievable deftness for sound design.

Vin Sol’s remix of Rotation expertly captures the spirit of late 80s house in a way that only the original early pioneers, Vin Sol himself, and a perhaps a handful others seem to pull off legitimately.

Also included as a digital exclusive is the bonus track “Shit Robot - The Life To Come”, for that added low slung jazz-house fix.


A. Cubed
A2. Cubed (Edmondson Version)
B. Rotation
B2. Rotation (Vin Sol Remix)

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