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The final release on Trevor Jackson’s previously unreleased archive label Pre- is an album under his own name titled "System"

8 tracks originally recorded between 2002-2010, these works consist of music taken from the same sessions that became his highly ambitious Vinyl Factory music and installation project "Format" in 2015. Edited and complied from a series of lengthy nocturnal synthesizer, drum machine & 8 bit sampler improvisations they range from melodic IDM, driving electro, Motor City techno & tripped out house excursions.
The album originally launched at the London Independent Label market in May this year, was only available as an ultra limited edition of 150 CD’s and sold out immediately. This second final edition is packaged in a unique screen printed case designed by Jackson himself, and marks a symbolic end to his musical past (after making over 100 unreleased tracks available during the past 3 years) and a long overdue venture into unchartered new musical territories.


01. Flourite
02. Beamrider
03. Machine Worshippers
04. Domenica
05. Qix
06. Off World
07. Question Everything
08. Vanta

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