Dorsi Plantar

Tack Farsan

Image of Dorsi Plantar - Tack Farsan
Record Label
Better Listen Records

About this item

Making his return to the label after last year's springtime favorite, Everlast, is Dorsi Plantar. Better Listen's twelfth entry in the main run marks their first repeat of an artist, and the Copenhagen man does not disappoint.

Tack Farsan is a balanced sample-driven EP intended to milk the last of summer's flavors for the dancefloors enjoyment.

The top side hosts sunny disco affairs in the release's title track, and a polished collab with label mate Sune. The logo side, on the other hand, explodes into deep latin affairs.


Sil says: Hot hot hot for all disco house DJs out there. Four slabs of uncompromising, original and off the beaten track edits that will complement any house set smoothly. Worth every penny.


A1. Tack Farsan
A2. Grapefruit Dreams (featuring Sune)
B1. Make Sure You Mean That Shit
B2. Besitos

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