Melodic Energy Commission

Migration Of The Snails

Image of Melodic Energy Commission - Migration Of The Snails
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Telephone Explosion

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Melodic Energy Commission is a Canadian gem and an interesting branch of the Hawkwind family tree (featuring Del Delmar on electronics.) Hailing from British Columbia, their unique blend of space rock, progressive and hippie psychedelia began in 1977 as a recording-only project titled "The Melodic Energy Commission of Collected Artists." This LP incorporates the proggy end of the jazz spectrum, avant garde electronics and a load of lysergic nonsense to provide a full frequency listening experience.


1. Plight Of The Dodo
2. Gallop
3. Perriwinkle St
4. Rider From Nempnett Thrubwell
5. Migration Of The Snails
6. Escargot
7. Off On A Current
8. Gastropods In Transit
9. Doorway Into Summer

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