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Originally released in 1986 under Luis Delgado’s cult imprint El Cometa de Madrid, produced by Luis Delgado (Finnis Africae, Mecánica Popular) and performed by Patricia Escudero, this beautiful record dives into Erik Satie’s compositional work thru an experimental optic.

Entirely recorded on synthesizers, and making heavy use of FX and timbral manipulation, the record's serene and weightless nature are instantly observable from the start, whilst rich harmonic undertones & overtones reveal themselves with further exploration.

Additional info:

-This record was remastered and cut from the original tapes. However, those tapes were highly affected for what is known as the Sticky Shed Syndrome, and were very deteriorated.

Even though that was professionally taken care of, it was a very long process to get a result that exceeded our standards to be pressed. That being said, there are very few parts were you might find an slight change on sound that was impossible to eliminate completely, due to the above mentioned issue.


A1. Arcueil
A2. Gymnopedie III - 1888
A3. Etre Jaloux De Son Camarada Qui A Une Grosse Tete - 1913
A4. Gnossienne I - 1890
A5. Lui Manger Sa Tartine - 1913
A6. L'Initiation Fragmento - 1891
A7. Valse Du Chocolate Aux Amandes - 1913
A8. Gnossienne II - 1890
B1. Gymnopedie I - 1888
B2. Gymnopedie II - 1888
B3. Gnossienne II - 1890
B4. Le Chant Guerrier Du Roi Des Haricorts - 1913
B5. Profiter De Cel Qui'Il A Des Cors Aux Pied Pour Lui Pendre Son Cerceu - 1913
B6. Petite Prelude A La Journee - 1913
B7. Prelude A La Porte Heroque Du Ciel Fragmento - 1894
B8. Arcueil

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