Justin Unabomber

Cutz From... Vol 1

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For the first Sprechen foray into vinyl we are pleased to have been able to coerce Justin Unabomber out of his self imposed studio retirement & 'borrow' him briefly from being a Manchester restauranteur so that we can drop 4 previously un-released cuts, tailor-made for the very dance floor of the legendary Electric Chair!

No 10 minute, Ableton stretched, kick-hat-snare kinda 'edits' here...just 4 powerhouse pumpers designed for maximum fist pumping/camo netting pulling, basement boogyism for late night jackers & early morning style crackers.

4 serious units that many will have lost their shit to on the dance floors of The Roadhouse (RIP) & The Music Box (RIP again!) as well as that annual gathering of misfits & dandies, The End Of Year Riot.

Exclusive to a limited run on vinyl with screen printed sleeves & hand stamped centres.


1. CUT #1
2. CUT #2
3. CUT #3
4. CUT #4

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