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Originally released on library music label Musical Touch Sound back in 1979, "Ducks & Drakes" is an instrumental disco LP by pioneering French electronic musician Yan Tregger. Reissued this year by BBE alongside his 1978 album "Catchy", "Ducks & Drakes" has achieved cult status among crate diggers and DJs, thanks to its ebullient charm and rock-solid leftfield grooves. Virtually impossible to find on vinyl for many years now, "Ducks & Drakes" found wider allure in 2008 when Alexis Le-Tan selected album track "Girls Will Be Girls" for experimental disco compilation "Space Oddities". UK music hero Frankie Valentine brought these two magical albums to BBE’s attention and curated the project alongside the team.

Amazingly (especially given the era in which it was recorded) the album was almost entirely performed, produced and composed by Tregger himself. Presented with its beautiful original artwork and previously unavailable to all but a lucky few record collectors, don't sleep on this nugget of disco gold.


1. Friend Island
2. The Girl In The Gold
3. Dawn And Darkness
4. The Ivy Heart
5. The Last Girl
6. Threshold
7. Haunting Refrain
8. The Ivy Heart
9. Girls Will Be Girls
10. Lanterns And Lances
11. Head For The Hills
12. The Way Of All Flesh
13. Huf (Bonus)

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