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2nd ablum and label debut from Başak Günak aka Ah! Kosmos - a musician, composer & producer born in Istanbul who works from Berlin. She uses experimentation with found sounds, analogue and electronic composition and earned an MA in Sound Design & Engineering before releasing her debut EP in 2013.

 “Beautiful Swamp” finds the forward thinking producer combining loud, crackling percussion sections with melodic, almost funky soundscapes. Another master at the art of tension and release, drum sections build into a mighty feroar before gliding into heavily emotional musical passages - whether its soaring lead lines played on synth or chopped guitar licks; the mood is large and confident throughout. 

Written between Istanbul and Berlin, you can hear the polyrhythms of German techno and the antiquity of Turkish folklore influencing and affecting Günak: resulting in a wide-spectrum of sounds that seek to empower the listener through long instrumental passages. 

There are collaborations; jazz singer Elif Çaglar can be heard in the song “Beyond Dreams”, guitarist Özgür Yilmaz plays on “Wide”, additionally, Selen Ansen, one of the most important Turkish intellectuals of her generation, has written a poem for Günak’s new work, entitled “In The Dark Woods”.

Performing solo or accompanied by a guitarist, she has already supported acts such as Sigur Rós and Jonny Greenwood’s Junun Project (Barbican Hall) and has starred at important festivals, including: at the Sónar Festival Barcelona, Venice Electro Festival, Tokyo Electronic Music of Arts Festival, Prague Quadrennial and ARENA Theater Festival Nuremberg.

She also composes for contemporary dance and theater productions, short films and performances. In the spring of 2018, she participated in the project “Sonár Calling GJ273B” and sent her disembodied voice singing 'I do not belong here' into space. A visionary artist through and through, "Beautiful Swamp" propells you face first into this unique musical world. 


1. Woods
2. June
3. Wide (feat. Özgür Yilmaz)
4. It Rains Without You
5. We Can't Fall Off A Mountain
6. Quod Non Pertinent Hic
7. Dawn
8. Paradise (feat. Leah Christensen)
9. Beyond Dreams (feat. Elif Caglar)
10. Heart Knows This

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