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Raw Cause

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Jazz Re:freshed

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Jazz re:freshed proudly presents the first release by 1000 Kings featuring Karl Rasheed Abel, Kwake Bass and one of the country's leading jazz saxophonists who, for contractual reasons, we can't name, but hey you'll recognise the quality immediately.

Berklee-trained bass player Karl has worked with such luminaries as Laura Mvula, Omar, Soweto Kinch and Courtney Pine as well as on his own solo projects. Kwake Bass is regarded as one of the established drummers in London having played with DOOM, Jehst and Kate Tempest. The combined band provide some of the highest quality musicianship coming out of the UK today on this release, Raw Cause.


Barry says: Propulsive percussion, constantly moving melodic patterns and a chugging, pulsing rhythmic undercurrent take these pieces from home listening Jazz into an entirely new, and thoroughly unexpected dancefloor area. Hypnotic, intricate and propulsive. Superb.


1 The Drop
2 Afrolude
3 Kind Of Fuji
4 Jimi
5 Interlude
6 Doom
7 Fulfilment House
8 W.Y. September 

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