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With an album on Kerri Chandler's Kaoz Theory plus EPs on his Madhouse and Madtech imprints, Benson Herbert and Leo Picking - aka Voyeur - are steadily making their mark on the house music legacy. Keeping that old school flame burning in the modern age takes a supreme grasp of poise and flair, as the genre competes with ADHD-fuelled kids, max'ed-out headroom and a plethora of splinter styles all utilizing the latest VSP / DSP processing trends.

With that said, the "Awakening" EP is quite an accomplished effort. The title track updates templates set out by afro-house luminaries such as Osunlade and Joe Clausell and is full of rampant vocal chants & whoops, a full percussion troupe and is set alike via deep throbbing stabs and unrelenting buoyant energy.

"Mundunugu" is a more spiritual affair, tailor made for Francois K's section and Body&Soul on a Sunday. Deeeep congas, suspended pads and tribal vox transport us into everlasting heart of house music, always beating from its natural core.

Casino Times muscle in on remix duties, aptly constructing a brand new vibe off the "Awakening" stems. The pair keep a heavy percussion presence but thoroughly intoxify the rest of the mix with long analogue fx sweeps, bleep melodies and squiggly lead lines - excellent!

Sneaking in before close of disc is bonus track "The Nomos", which, like the first two tracks, will keep any afro / rhythmic-centric house-inclined dancefloor satisfied, invigorated and ready to dance! 


Sil says: Gents and ladies, 'Mundunugu' is da bomb. Tribal house without going full on. It is restrained and groovy. The vocal samples brings it all together. The rest is as good but this one is my fave. I am getting one.


A. Awakening

A. Mundunugu

B. Awakeening (Casino Times Remix)

B. The Nomos

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