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After a short hiatus the ever-dependable Mark E returns to his own Merc label with three new tracks in his own inimitable style.

Displaying a depth and flair for aural innovation like no other, Mark plots a course through a heady trio of beautifully constructed machine-funk jams done in that slow and creeping style that's become his ident over a storied career. "Twilight Fade" leads us seductively into a slowly unfurling sonic soup, containing gurgling organs, a plethora of perc and a mélange of jazzy artifacts that recall a lost early Sound Signature joint. "Quarttz" opts for more nocturnal moods, with a glimmer of space techno, albeit highly opiated, peeking through the mix. Finally, "First Thing" on the B side, stretches out a few simple ingredients into a cerebral sonic banquet that's so undeniably Mark E it simply could not emanate out of anyone else's mind! Wonderful stuff from this mainstay and innovator. 


Sil says: Since I met Mark E on Jisco Music I have followed him closely. He has had his ups and downs - like all of us, but this is truly his back to form come back. Chuggy is the word and dark is the vibe. You know the drill by now but be warned this is very very good. A builder and a staple in any good DJ record bag.


A1. Twilight Fade
A2. Quartz
B. First Thing (Original)

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