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Chemical Boogie

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Hans Peeman's side projects, Junktion and New Franklin Theory; ahem, 'collaborate' here (if that's physical possible, quantum physisits?) demonstrating five tracks of fresh and funky music indebted to house music but possessing more than its fair share of funk, rhythm and soul.

"Andromeda Beach" eases you into the spacey atmosphere of the record with dreamy Rhodes supported by his distinctive percussion and bass work. "Homeward" introduces gilded, wobbly synth lines and analogue bass - the perfect blend of Balearic-boogie that'll soundtrack a hundred joyous moments without ever getting boring. "Afterburner" ups the tempo with warm Juno sounds and loose perc, an organic house hybrid with buckets of emotion. "In Orbit" continues in earnest, Peeman's solid drum palette and synth collection registering itself in our conciousness again with another well constructed amalgamation of house, boogie and world rhythms. Finally, "The Holtzman Effect" smoulders on into the night with a deeeep jazz mentality; still supported by those fluttery conga patterns and sloppy hi-hat patterns. This is a truly amazing EP folks - sonically concise and succinct throughout and deliverying at every opportunity. Strong!


Matt says: Hans Peeman comes into his own here, practically owning the organic house / synth-funk genre. RIYL: Yadava, Hidden Spheres, The Rotating Assembly, Rhythm Section etc.


A1. Andromeda Beach

A2. Homeward

A3. Afterburner

B1. In Orbit

B2. The Holtzman Effect

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