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Purge & Swell / The Lost Decade

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Wingtip Sloat’s slashing and arty post-punk sounds weirdly contemporary these days, so what better news than to have their first new music in almost twenty years! Purge And Swell is a 12-inch 45 RPM mini LP with ten new tracks, and is accompanied by a 76-minute bonus CD Lost Decade with thirty-one additional tracks. The 12- inch includes plenty of the trebly guitar blare and low-fi charm immediately familiar from the group’s classic early ’90s singles, backstopping winning and memorable tunes like “Stars Bailed Out” and “Gizzard Jett.” The bonus CD includes bric-a-brac from the Sloat rehearsal room, with found poetry, perfect ninety-second rockers (the DC-specific “Cruisin’ The Ellipse”), confusing instrumental detours, and winsome covers of Eno, Dylan, Wire, Belle & Sebastian and more. Wingtip Sloat.


Purge And Swell
Porch Song
We Live In Spacious Houses
Ed From Oblivion
One Note Of Boston
Stars Bailed Out
Some Nice People Came To See The Robot
Gizzard Jett
Broken Cajun
Dojo Circus
Working Title: Hope

Lost Decade CD:
1. Wrong Way Home
2. Hypo Slimy Bovis
3. Cruisin? The Ellipse
4. Spanish Encores/Giddy In Palestine
5. Lee Morgan-Chocolate Kiss
6. Mr Roy Speed
7. I?m A City Boy
8. Fry The Fortress
9. I Hope They Spelled My Name Right/ Andy?s Camaro
10. After Scaring The Dog
11. Jim Cantore
12. Weather Page
13. This Song Is Called My Friend The Asshole
14. A Momentary Dawn
15. Stars Bailed Out
16. PGA Tour On ABC
17. Brickin? In The USA
18. Coated And Cracked
19. Hypnotist
20. Chant Of Devotion
21. Cindy Tells Me
22. Judy And The Dream Of Horses
23. What We Don?t Know
24. Clothesline Saga
25. Ode To Billy Joe
26. Male Cleavage Carpet
27. Outdoor Miner
28. Block Party Weekend
29. Giddy In Palestine
30. Fashion Folklore
31. The Sun (Hidden Track)

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