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Keeping Up With Miss World

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Punk Slime Recordings is proud to present the debut album from Miss World, aka Natalie Chahal of Shit Girlfriend. Keeping Up With Miss World is a raw, 13 track power-pop, garage-party movie scene that plays out like a thumb numbing Instagram scroll fest. A teen-dream magazine collage, a multi-colored sonic mood board featuring torn up images of Ariel Pink, Kim Gordon, Clueless OOTDs, Madonna and Kim Kar-dashian smeared with gluestick goo.


1. Diet Coke Head
2. Don't U Wanna Be Me Sometime?
3. (U Watch My) Stories (But U Don't Like My Posts)
4. Buy Me Dinner
5. Not Quite A Lady
6. Oh Honey
7. Radio All My Bitches
8. Carb Yr Enthusiasm
9. Put Me In A Movie
10. Click And Yr Mine
11. This Could Be Us But U Playin?
12. Lip Job
13. Modelling:Actressing

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