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Jealous Butcher

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After coming home fired up from their 2017 tours (which included UK / Euro / US dates with Drive-By Truckers, Dream Syndicate, Fruit Bats, The Cribs) Eyelids headed into various studios in Portland to finish up a new batch of songs they had been working on. They ended up with a perfect combination of the lilting, powerful hooks of their recent Peter Buck-produced album or alongside the spookier, more meditative moments from their debut 854. Oh and they added in a fiery rendition of The Gun Club’s “Sex Beat” (with Scott McCaughey and Peter Buck of R.E.M. throwing down alongside them) just to hammer the point home.

Now Eyelids could always write a earworm of a song (which is why or ended up many best of 2017 lists) and from the minute the needle hits this vinyl, there it is again. With its rolling and intricate jangle the band (like XTC, R.E.M. and The Byrds— their three biggest comparisons from the press) make their three distinct personalities / guitars become an amazingly powerful whole. “With more than a hint of the Beatles, drenched in three West Coast guitars and as great as any alt American record gets .” - Chris Hawkins, BBC6 Radio.


1. Maybe More
2. Cannon And Dee
3. Masterpiece (Wanna Die)
4. Scarcity For The Fox
5. Sex Beat Live At Monty Hall-WFMU
6. 23 (Years)
7. Seagulls Into Submission
8. Camelot
9. Falling Eyes
10. Psych #1
11. Slow It Goes

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