Sin Falta

Diamonds EP

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Andy Lister's Youth imprint continues in earnest following a sell-out smash from MCR's own Fumu.

Sin Falta fills in the blanks between Kassem Mosse, Ossia and the whole fervent UK electronix scene. "Diamonds" is a squelchy and discordant, slo-mo robotic dance featuring malfunctioning analogue elements and a primordial beat. "Noh Mas" is smudged and dubby, surely paying tribute to the moody and captivating meandyou nights the label head once founded.

"I,I" concludes with a tumbling slow breakbeat garnished with soulful vocal chops and more blurred aesthetics. More in tune with the wind-down and after session than the dancefloor energy required for the middle of the night but equally arresting when placed in its correct context.


Matt says: Follow up to the incredible Fumu Cd from t'other week and it's onwards and upwards for Lister's Youth label. TIP!


A1. Diamonds
B1. Noh Mas
B2. I,I

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