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Oriental Ananas

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Take Away

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Take Away has become synonymous with energetic and uptempo, feel-good party house music. Famously their Soul Reductions' twelve from last year was H U G E, but Ajvar Soundsystem were actually involved in the very first record from this camp.

Now they return nearly two years later with more essential disco-house standards. "Ananas" gently ticklers the compressors as a wild guitar solo scorches its way through vamping horns and metallic slap bass. "Orient Star" is an exotic, Eastern-flavoured cosmic disco track that wouldn't sound out of place in a Mori Ra DJ set.

Finally, "Dooga" is a slow-mo cosmic funk track featuring, again, hefty compression as a vibrant and multicoloured set of textures and instruments converge on the mix - making for a hard hitting, left of centre slow disco bomp that's worth the entrance fee alone! Long live the Take Away! Recommended. 


Matt says: Function-filling-fun from the Takeaway Cartel who's incendary party spirit ignites this new release from the very off.


A. Ananas
B1. Orient Star
B2. Dooga

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