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Light the beacon, sound the alarm, blow up the balloons, break out the champagne, warm up the lube...Rejoice and prepare for merriment however you want, coz there's a brand new Ruf Kutz in stock! Sticking with the RK system, the fourteenth instalment of everyone's favourite boutique label is home to OGs not edits, lovingly made by label favourite Glowing Palms. Ruffy and GP go way back and it's a match made in heaven..or at least Rainbow Road. 
Glowing Palms starts the party on the A-side with the technicolour funky/house hybrid "I Don't Need This Man". Brisk and bubbling, the cut hits us with neon synths, infectious and unexpected rhythms and a big room vocal sample, switching moods and styles at ADHD pace. The Holodeck experiences include beach front raves, Rimini sex clubs and VIP lounges dripping in Cristal. We just threw it on the shop player and summoned a flashmob - heavy scenes. The fun continues on the B1 as GP takes a tight grip of the joystick and jumps right into the bleeping heart of TRON. Detailed and delightful drum programming drives along with frenetic energy, taking care of your waist while the sonar bleeps and spangled sequences overload your brainstem - music for a techno-tropical percussion party I reckon. Last but not least "Beejaye" bounds along like a lost dub encounter between Wally Badarou and Vybz Kartel, all frisky, crispy drums, Streetsounds Electro keys and alleyway moods.
All killer, no filler - all batter, no chatter - super limited and better than your rest. Buy on sight I reckon.


Patrick says: HUGE new Ruf Kutz from the unique mind of label favourite Glowing Palms. Offering OGs not edits, GP goes in deep with a trio of fluro-hardware jamz which vibrate between house, tropical, dancehall and Italo - thoroughly fucking up any system you'd care to suggest. Fiyah!


A. I Don't Need This Man
B1. Getting There
B2. Beejaye

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