She Likes Techno - Inc. Megadon Betamax Rmx

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Rewind to 2010 and Inkswel wasn't the household name on the boogie scene as he is today. He'd made a few beats on some rapper's project, but spent most of his time smoking weed and playing on his MPC. After relocating to Amsterdam a few chance meetings delivered his first EP for the defunct party Boogie Bash - the second release on the label and one of the holy grails of modern funk and new boogie scene - the record regularly fetches upwards of £30 second hand. Lovers of the boogie and revered MCR clubnight Wet Play booked Inkswell for his UK debut which went on to cement the producer-DJ into the hearts of our city - and elevated his profile on the global stage, goingon to release countless projects on labels like Wolf, Rush Hour, Lumberjacks in Hell, Superior Elevation and then eventually BBE in London and OYE in Berlin.

"She Likes Techno" gets a much needed repress here. A collaboration between soul vocalist Reggae B and legendary Dutch producer Kid Sublime, it was the crowning glory on that original Boogie Bash EP and now comes backed with a fresh new remix from fellow Ozzy boogie freak Megadon Betamax.

Super limited copies!


A. She Likes Techno (Feat Reggie B & Kid Sublime)

B. She Likes Techno (Megadon Betamax Rmx)

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