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Modern Obscure Edits Vol. 1

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Modern Obscure Music

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Modern Obscure Music is a very special selection of obscure edits based in Barcelona. Concieved by Da Silva, an undercover label partner and a great collector, who features on one of the edits here. The EP also features well known producers like Jimi Bazzouka aka Joakim and Pedro Vian, the label owner. Volume 1 has a distinctly dreamy, 1980's feel, with an inspired, hard-to-identify base of source material.

"Live In Japan" (simply credited to 'G') features space-age synths, bubbling digital perc and Japanese vocals that more than nod to the vocal style of many an Italo producer... Next up is Da Silva's version of "My Man" (SS anyone??). This edit sees stepped synthlings and a vintage drum box, combine with dark leads and heartbroken vocals for a truly noxious, late night dancefloor thriller. Finally, we have Jimi Bazzouka aka Joakim's take on "Somerset Hills". Here, a playful flute with an eastern feel is laid over strong keys and adaptable percussion. Perfecto! 


Matt says: Completely obscure, utterly engrossing and more than a bit danceable, it's rare a set of edits blows me away as much as this has. Killer.


A. G - Live In Japan (PV Edit)
B1. SS - My Man (Da Silva Edit)
B1. Oia - Somerset (Jimmi Bazzouka Edit)

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