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Scissors And Shapes EP

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Sofa Talk already showed us his prowess on the refined label Banoffee Pies. He is bringing that delicate balance between bubbly jazz and deep house to the well known Omena label. 
Four tracks of gentle house with bubbles of jazz, funk and broken beat. All of if propelled by some deep house beats creating a perfect mix for a gentle dancefloor warmer. 

'Balancing Acts' is a double feature including the more dancefloor oriented Prequel mix. Keeping faithful to the original, puts more emphasis on the beats to keep things going. 

This ep will sit well among fans of Herbie Hancock, Kaidi Tatham and any Banoffee Pies follower. 


Sil says: Nice and classy. Champagne rather than beer is the drink to order when you listen to this 12". The Prequel mix is gorgeous and so it is 'Scissors and Shapes' with its flirtations jazz licks. Great stuff!


1. Balancing Acts
2. Scissors And Shapes
3. Balancing Acts (Prequel's Reimagining)
4. Jazz Book

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