Rhythm Of Paradise

Universe Of Love

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Cosmic Rhythm

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Old school house style done today and made with class. In 'Universe of Love' you get luscious landscapes and 'clean' melodies. It is fun and sunny on this track. 'Mellow' is mellower than the former but not that chilled. Its menacing bassline still rocks it enough to make this a great track on your house set. The piano line has a whale of a time on this one. 
On B side we have 'Mystical Ambience'. Tropical, rythmic, a bit rushed on the bpms but as with the rest of this EP, melody is at the center stage and joins all the pieces together. Bassline bassline and more bassline. Always omnipresent and groovy. 'Essenve' is perhaps the darkest sheep here with its metallic beat and brutalist bassline. Yet the beat is more chilled so it keeps things under control. Definetely a builder this one. 
Pretty solid 4 tracker with italo and techno as main influences. Will not bore you and should be shortlisted on your... list!


Sil says: So yes, this is a mixture of italo and techno that does not deceive. It is done well and punchy enough to be included in any house set out there. Do shortlist this one as it is pretty decent.


A1. Universe Of Love
A2. Mellow
B1. Mystical Ambience
B2. Essence

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