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Uber-cool Dutch venue BAR Rotterdam make their transition from club to label this week, opening their account with help of two of their favourite guests Sacha Mambo and Fader. Given the same musical freedom on the record as they enjoy in the colourful club space, Sacha and Fader cook up trippy acid jams and futuristic trance dance respectively, setting the label up with the perfect debut.
French label boss Sacha Mambo takes the reins on the A-side working his wonked out magic with a pair of perfect metal dancers. "Black Summer" starts the party with loose percussion, limber synth bass and lysergic acid, all laying the foundations for echo drenched sax skronks, detuned guitar licks and tribal whoops. It's a little like stumbling into a James Chance gig on a heroic dose and losing yourself in the oil projections. Next up "Beaubar" (in its Acid Psychedelic form) stomps and snarls through tough new beat drums, buzzing synths and crunchy industrial idents, applying maximum pressure to your brainstem. Flip it and we're locked in the groove with Borneo producer Fader, who flips our lids with the ecstatic vamps and gurgling bassline of "Mode 500", a gently jacking dose of dream house with just a touch of Kwaito roll in the percussion. After that we wooze out with the morphine mist of "Denox", a particularly hazy piece of club science with delicate chime melodies, full bodied bass and intricate drum programming. I've never been to BAR, but it seems I need to book my flight!


Patrick says: Mega leftfield dancers here from Sacha Mambo and Fader on the newly minted BAR imprint. On the B-side Borneo's Fader brings it with two unorthodox house cuts, perfectly balancing light and dark, while Sacha steals the show on the A-side with the metal dance masterpiece "Black Summer", a tripped out fusion of cosmic, post punk and acid - buy on sight!


A1. Sacha Mambo - Black Summer
A2. Sacha Mambo - Beaubar (Acid Psychedelic Mix)
B1. Fader - Mode 500
B2. Fader - Denox

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