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Ourtime Music

About this item

In feels like we've been waiting all year for this! Sent to press in Spring, test pressings were approved, dished out to some select DJ's and since then the anticipation's been building fast! Fast forward some six months and the post-RSD bottleneck has cleared somewhat, meaning we're due another glut of independent, low-run dance releases before the year's out - including this fine specimen.

Sonic Insomniac is, to all intents and purposes, D. Ball - the 'other' groundbreaking and cult adored artist on Manchester / Salford label Ourtime. However, Dave put the alias aside some fourteen years ago following a string of releases on New Religion, so kick starting it again this year has caused excitement to reach fever pitch.

Whereas under his own moniker Dave makes forward propelled, mainly 4/4 techno; Sonic Insomniac allows him to explore darker and more sci-fi tinged realms of his persona. Slower tempos, strange rhythms and a cinematic, space-aligned approach characterize the album, with dancefloor techno politely taking its turn behind vintage electro soundscapes and dreamy, home tuned electronix.

There is however, a couple of crucial dancefloor eruptions. The aptly named "Dunk's Track" opens side B with a club ready glider that'll get most of MCR's underground movers huffing poppers straight out of the mighty label head's (and most excitable staffer of Vinyl Exchange...) own hands while "Time Has Come" sees that end-of-night dystopia punctuated with a tasty old skool beat and tense musical passages that'll keep aircraft hangers and warehouses gyrating till sunrise. I can't help but mention "Cosmic Drfit" - possibly Dave's most skilled display of sound design and synthesis to date while "Starlight" sees the gravity-less planes of the outer planets rendered crisply and sonically on a slice of electronic downbeat abandon.

A massive achievement reigniting this alias and still keeping true and concise to the original sound whilst also unloading up our receptive ears and headspace one of the best techno and electro albums of 2018. Mr. Ball we love you! Totally recommended.


Matt says: Finally, I thought it wer never gonna arrive! My most played album of the year is now available to one, all, Royals and peasantry alike. The universal language!


A1. Assemble
A2. Somehere
A3. Cosmic Drift
A4. Starlight
B1. Dunk's Track
B2. Peace In Ourtime
B3. Time Has Come
B4. Landed
B5. Blue Lady

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