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Sometimes magic happens. Sometimes, emotions enwrap you in a way you’ve rarely experienced before. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of freedom: the freedom to create, improvise, process, and re-process, without specific references, deadlines, or obligations to please whatever markets or audiences with clear-cut styles and sound signatures.

Actually, this Tomat Petrella affair is quite unexpected. It’s a game of two: Turin-based Davide Tomat, who has over twenty years experience as a multi-instrumentalist, band leader, and sound designer in several Italian projects (Niagara, N.A.M.B., and founder of the Superbudda collective); and musician Gianluca Petrella, hailing from southern Italy but in fact a citizen of the world and - more importantly - one of the most revered and inventive jazz trombone players in the world from the last decade or so (as stated on several Down Beat Critics’ Polls and proven on his Blue Note and ECM releases).

“Kepler”, their collaborative effort, is a beast of a different nature. It has so many textures, intuitions, and complexities that you can hardly list this simply as a 'jazz-meets-electronica' project. So much well-educated, well intentioned, nicely predictable music has been produced under that moniker, but this surpasses them and then some.

Tracks build under mountains of static, Petrella's haunting trombone resurrecting the ghost of Peter Zummo as fluttering layers of fleeting synth and analogue detritus rush past our ears. On other tracks mountainous walls of bass and rhythm hit us in the frontal lobes, our senses crushed under the emotive saturation and guided purely by the moods contained within. Really quite arresting and one of those albums that's impossible to ignore, however quiet and and empty the arrangements get - they captivate you entirely. 


1. Wolf 1061 C
2. K2 72 E
3. Proxima Centauri B
4. Trappist 1 E
5. HD 40307 G
6. Gliese 667 CC
7. Tau Ceti E
8. Kepler 186 F

A1. Wolf 1061 C
A2. HD 40307 G
A3. Trappist 1 E
A4. Proxima Centauri B
B1. Gliese 667 CC
B2. K2 72 E
B3. Tau Ceti E
B4. Kepler 186 F

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