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The Swedish rock band The Soundtrack Of Our Lives released their third album Behind The Music in 2001. It’s the band’s breakthrough record and it was nominated for the Best Alternative Album award at the 2003 Grammy Awards. The album is influenced by the music from the greatest bands of the ‘60s and ‘70s. You’ll hear the melodies of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd in the different songs. But it’s their most rocking effort, with psychedelic tunes and even some prog. They’re constantly shifting between tones and mood, making it feels like a journey through the range of rock emotion.

Behind The Music is available as a limited edition of 1.500 individually numbered copies on solid gold coloured vinyl.


Andy says: Massive classic rock/pop album from the early noughties much beloved by Mr Noel Gallagher as it did exactly what Oasis used to do but possibly even better! A brilliant record!

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