Nubya Garcia

Nubya's 5ive

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Jazz Re:freshed

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Nubya's 5ive is currently changing hands for exorbitant sums on Discogs. See why from the reviews below. She plays in a few collectives, but her solo work is already collectible (the first pressing of last year's Nubya's 5ive EP reportedly sold out on vinyl in one day). Note that 200 copies of the recent re-press were sold within one hour of becoming available. Her leader debut. Nubya's 5ive] is a winning excursion into groove-based modal jazz, alighting on similar territory to Kamasi Washington...Ideal summer listening, and an impressive calling card from the hugely talented Garcia. 5ive is remarkable, an intoxicating combination of vibrant soloing and stay-in-your-head hooks: At a recent set during New York's Winter Jazzfest, Garcia had a sold-out crowd whooping with recognition when she played first riff on the album's opener, "Lost Kingdoms." On her debut, Nubya's 5ive, she and her band strike an engrossing balance between long stretches of dreamy exploration and surges of vital virtuosic intensity.


1. Lost Kingdoms
2. Fly Free
3. Hold
4. Contemplation
5. Red Sun
6. Hold (Alternate Take) 

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