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Charlie Bone's 'Do!! You!!!' breakfast show is one of NTS' flagship shows, highlighting the station's exploratove, non-corporate ethos and championing of new, under-appreciated, strange and deep musics.

'The Do!! You!!' show mixes comedy skits with conversation, music and Charlie’s new gambit of ad libbing via the NTS chat room stream to create a show that is thought provoking, opinionated and entertaining.

Humble and self-deprecating, yet somewhat larger-than-life, Charlie Bones’ honest appraisal of life and its banality creates a breakfast show, the likes of which you’ll not likely to hear on commercial airwaves.'

Here we have the first release / compilation, curated and authorized by Charlie himself and, I think, pressed with the help of the good peeps at Rubadub. Spanning three different styles, but keeping the 'hard joy' and 'warmth but with teeth' ideals he holds true; Bruce Hackford reviists '79-era disco with "You Get High In NYC" - a jubulent and uptempo disco tune full of strings and congas and informed by Salfoul Orchestra's cinematic escapades. Dog & Fox is a woozy, abstract downbeat hip-hop jam that epitomizes the sound of post-millenium London with its intricate sound design and head-nodding drums. 

All three tracks, no matter what their tempo, seem to have this energizing and optimistic glow which makes them perfect for the morning and dmonstrate Charlie B as a skilled and stylish curator, DJ and artist. Look at for plenty more from this cat in the pipeline!


Matt says: Charlie Bones has become a household name amongst the fervent and exploratory music lovers of today. Now launching a new label off the back of his globally adored breakfast show, Do!! You!!! opens the day with a shine!


A1. Bryce Hackford - You Get High In NYC
B1. Dog & Fox - Who Gets The Cows
B2. Seiji Ono - Celebrate Your Life.

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