Omnibus Babylon EP

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Clone West Coast Series

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Although still busy compared to most of the dance music™ industry, Danny Wolfers has actually been relatively quiet by his own standards, not releasing any original music since last year (although 'nuff work as always in the remix dept.)

This four tracker for Clone's West Coast series breaks the hiatus and sees our trusty sine wave physician fire up his synth section once again! "Omnibus Babylon" opens the EP in direct fashion, a highly advanced preset ricocheting synthy rhythms against buzzy strings and a charging drum beat. Instantly Legowelt but ready to segue effortlessly into your next mainline techno set. "Learning To Fly" sees a calmer ascent, touching on deep Detroitian themes as Wolfer's advances the thrusters till we're leaving Earth's orbit. "Miskatonic Trimester" is a murky, post-3AM slayer for the up-all-nite-cru while the wonderfully titled "Golem Memory Bank" concludes the record with a dreamy, suspended, glistening take on aquatic space techno - somewhere between Drexciya, Derrick May and Sparky - prachtig!!


Sil says: Four tracks of gentle Detroit techno vibe with luscious 'Golem Memory Bank' standing out for me with its pulsating acid bubbles. An atmospheric, old school ethos techno ep that keeps Legowelt at the top of the game. The man cannot stop!


1. Omnibus Babylon
2. Learning To Fly

1. Miskatonic Trimester
2. Golem Memory Bank

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